Образец письма знакомства иностранцем

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образец письма знакомства иностранцем

Lovemage. ru, или Сто писем иностранцу продолжение .. Я показываю его презентации как образец чтобы студенты учились делать. Знакомства в интернете для новичков • Как познакомиться с иностранцами • Начало Большими буквами на первую страницу - как образец! Браво. Хорошо это или плохо использовать пример письма для знакомства в интернете, решать вам. Но возможность написать первое письмо.

Искренне твой Петр My dear friend, You will probably be surprised to receive a letter from a person whom you have never met, so I will first of alt introduce myself to you. I am a second year student at St. Petersburg University, I am majoring in the English language and literature and I also listen to lectures on history, philosophy, linguistics, etc. After my lectures I like to play volleyball and tennis, lama member of our University volleyball team, in the evenings I read books or go out fore walk, or go to a movie for relaxation.

Переписка с иностранцем

I would like very much to hear about your studies and about your interests. I am enclosing some snap-shots which I have taken. Мой преподаватель английского языка сообщил мне, что ты хотел бы переписываться с юношей из России. Он также дал мне твой адрес и сказал, что я могу написать тебе и предложить переписываться. Как я понимаю, мы оба изучаем иностранные языки: Сообщи мне, пожалуйста, скорее, заинтересовало ли тебя мое предложение.

образец письма знакомства иностранцем

Если да, то напиши о себе, о своей семье, о своих интересах и хобби. С нетерпением жду твоего письма. Твой друг по переписке Dear friend, My English professor has told me that you would like to correspond with a guy from Russia.

He has also given me your address and told me that I could write to you and suggest we correspond. I am doing this with great pleasure. As I understand we are both studying foreign languages: That means that we should have a lot In common.

Please let me know soon if you are interested in my suggestion. If yes, please, write me about yourself, your family, your interests and hobbies. I am looking forward to receive your letter. Your pen friend, Дорогой Джек! Возможно, ты хочешь переписываться с парнем твоего возраста из России. Мне семнадцать лет, и я учусь в средней школе. Кроме учебы, я играю в волейбол и занимаюсь фотографией. Когда будешь мне писать, не забудь рассказать о своих увлечениях. Я думаю, они отличаются от моих, но мне все равно будет интересно о них узнать.

Насколько я понял, ты изучаешь русский язык. Было бы неплохо, чтобы ты писал мне по-русски, а я тебе по-английски. Это станет для нас хорошей практикой, и если у меня будут ошибки, надеюсь, ты мне их исправишь. С большим нетерпением жду от тебя вестей. Искренне твой Dear Jack, You might like to correspond with a boy of your age in Russia. I am seventeen years old and studying at a high school. I want to enter the University and study English.

My father is a teacher of mathematics, and my mother is a doctor. Apart from my schoolwork, my chief interests are volleyball and photography.

I expect they will be different from mine, but I shall be interested to hear about them just the same. I understand that you are studying Russian, and I think it would be a good Idea if you wrote to me in Russian while I wrote to you In English. This would be practice for us, and if I make any mistakes, I hope you will correct them for me. Looking forward to your early reply.

Please write me soon. Sincerely yours, Дорогой Борис! Я был рад получить твое приятное письмо и очень рад иметь друга по переписке из России. Позволь мне немного рассказать о. Мне хочется больше узнать о русской культуре и истории. Мой отец умер три года. Ты предложил хорошую идею — писать тебе письма по-русски, но я, к сожалению, еще неважно знаю язык и делаю много ошибок.

Тебе будет приятно узнать, что в своем письме ты не сделал ни одной ошибки. Я надеюсь, что ты скоро напишешь. Искренне твой Dear Boris, I was delighted to receive your nice letter, and I am so glad to have a pen-pal in Russia. Let me tell you something about myself. I am just fifteen and I attend our local school. I am taking eight subjects in all, but my favorite ones are chemistry and Russian.

I wish I knew more about Russian culture and history. My family is not very large. There are only three of us: My father died three years ago. In my spare time I do a lot of swimming, and my other hobby is football. It was certainly a good idea of yours to suggest my writing in Russian, but unfortunately I am not proficient enough yet and would make too many mistakes. You will be pleased to hear that in your letter you did not make any mistakes at all. I hope you will write me again soon.

Сейчас я делаю новую передачу, которую мы собираемся отснять в январе. У меня двое детей. Мой муж профессор университета штата Калифорния.

Мы живем в 25 минутах от работы. Но я там не. Thank you for the message.


I am pleased you liked the film about my railway. Yes it is nice to make things Yes the railway is all in one room. It is upstairs in the large bedroom. Of course that means that visitors to the town cannot see it. But perhaps that is a good thing. I do not want to attract thieves as the whole thing is very valuable. I try and keep the room clean. It is mainly dust that is the problem. I have a good hand held vacuum cleaner The iPad is certainly an excellent tool. I see you use the iPad as well.

Yes I did not sleep well the other night. I was extremely tired after doing some work at my friends gardens and woods. I was too tired to sleep! Normally I sleep for hours. But I go to bed early and I like to get up early as well. I got up at this morning. I do my work better in the mornings. I hope you have a nice day. Best wishes from France. Thank you for the nice message. I was pleased to receive it. I see you also get up early in the morning!

I needed to put my rubbish out as it is rubbish collection day today. Yes normally now is nice weather. It is enjoyable to sit outside. But not at the moment. Yesterday it was cold 11C and raining all day. Some people have put their heating back on. I was hoping that the weather today will be better. But the forecast is bad weather for the next few days. I see you are looking forward to your holiday. You are going on holiday next month? I think you said you were going to St Petersburg? You ask about the era of my railway.

I do not have an era or any particular area for my model. The trains are all English. I just have trains which I think are attractive and interesting. So there are modern trains running alongside old trains. However it is good for enjoyment! Yes the railway does take me quite a lot of time. It normally takes me about hours to put the computer chip and the other bits into a locomotive. Some of the more difficult locomotives can take me hours. I spent about 4 hours doing a locomotive on Wednesday.

I had been testing it. But when I put the locomotive all back together again the computer chip was not working properly. So I had to take it apart again and disconnect all the wires. I have to return that computer chip back to the shop in England. I shall try and get the enthusiasm to finish it today! Yes I do quite like sport. I used to play a lot of sport in the Army. When I left the Army I took up swimming.

I used to swim 1. I did some 5 Kilometers swims for charity. Sadly the swimming pool here is too small. There is not enough room to swim properly. So now I go cycling. I try and go each day What sports do you do now? Yes I love good food We do have a really nice fish restaurant here in our town. There are also two other special restaurants which I sometimes go to. But one has to drive. What sort of food do you like? You are very pretty! Да я встаю рано утром.

У нас очень жарко C. Я забыла, что во Франции еще холодно.

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С удовольствием читаю про твое хобби. Ты очень интересно пишешь. Я узнаю много нового. Я это никогда не знала. Я надеюсь, что у тебя был удачный день и ты закончил локомотив. Музыка мне не мешает. Я должна знать современную музыку, студенты любят, когда я разбираюсь в современной музыке, книгах, кино. Я должна много читать, чтобы хорошо учить студентов. Очень здорово, что ты умеешь и любишь плавать.

Я тоже люблю плавать. Я часто хожу в бассейн. Я плаваю 1 час 20 минут. Сколько метров — не считала. Как интересно, что ты тоже плаваешь!!! Но ты очень хорошо плаваешь, я не. Я очень люблю велосипед. В Австрии я каталась очень. В моем городе опасно кататься. Я люблю кататься за городом. Люблю скорость и медленно. В отпуске я обязательно буду кататься на велосипеде.

Но там я буду ходить на экскурсии. Я обожаю Петергоф, Невский проспект и много других мест. Я там была уже много. Да… еда… Я люблю мясо и рыбу гриль. Не ем картофель, пасту, пирожные. Слушать красивую музыку… тоже люблю… Он. I was pleased to read it. You have an interesting life You ask about me listening to music. Actually I prefer watching music.

I have just over music videos which I have either recorded off music DVDs or else downloaded from uTube. I have them all on a large hard disk system. I have made a computer network for my house. I can watch and listen to this music on all my TVs in my house.

It is a wonderful system. I also have about films which I can also watch anywhere. The films I have recorded from DVDs.

Как написать стандартное письмо?

I have to concentrate. It is easy to make a mistake and then the computer chip is ruined It is the same with my work. I cannot listen to music when I am working. I have to concentrate. I see you are far more energetic than me at the moment.

However I have been going and doing gardening for the past two weeks. It is a never ending job as the grass and weeds are growing very fast.

We have had a lot of rain these past few weeks. I see you have all your holidays booked. I had hoped that we might be able to meet at some stage. However it looks as though your time is all booked up? Perhaps you can be persuaded to visit France when you have some spare time? I think it would be good to meet you! I hope you have a good weekend.

I send best wishes from France. Ты умеешь описывать разные детали очень подробно. Моя жизнь не кажется мне интересной.

И не всегда я активная. Иногда устаю на работе. Устаю от того, что много людей. После работы иногда хочется лечь и спать, не хочу музыки, телевизора —. Мне кажется, что твоя жизнь интереснее. Ты распоряжаешься своим временем сам… По выходным отдыхаю от людей и от общения. Ты — компьютерный гений. Все что ты написал о своем доме — так необычно, интересно. Ты очень хорошо рассказал о своем доме.

образец письма знакомства иностранцем

Мне нравится, что у тебя много техники. Такая работа как у тебя — очень сложная, ответственная и серьезная. Ты, конечно, не можешь отвлекаться на музыку. Я слушаю музыку на тренировках и когда читаю. Какие же ты любишь фильмы. I am sure your life is interesting. You must meet lots of people. You have some nice holidays organized. Actually I lead a quiet life compared to you. I am in my house a lot. I work from home so I do not need to travel to and from an office each day.

For me that is wonderful. However I think that my lifestyle would suit you as well. I would get very tired indeed if I had to meet lots of people each day. In fact I would not enjoy that at all! It is bad enough when I have telephone conference calls for my work with lots of people Yes I do like gadgets! I have enjoyed getting all the TVs linked together. It is really good. One can sit in front of the TV screen and choose from the library of of films and music.

One does not need to get up and change the DVD! You ask about my choice of films. I confess I like happy films. I do not like watching films that make me upset. There are enough bad things going on without watching more bad things on TV.